John Potter

John Potter was a member of the Hilliard Ensemble for 18 years and was a moving spirit behind the ensemble’s Officium and Mnemosyne albums. His eclectic performing career includes first performances by Berio, Pousseur, Stockhausen and Arvo Pärt among many others, as well as rock musicians (most recently John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin and Tony Banks of Genesis).

A writer and scholar as well as a singer, his books on singing are published by Yale and Cambridge University Press. He is a former British Library Edison Fellow and is Reader Emeritus in Music at the University of York, having left the university in 2010 to focus on his portfolio of freelance projects.

His long association with ECM records has included Ambrose Field’s Being Dufay and four albums by the Dowland Project with saxophonist John Surman, and he produced the first three recordings by the Scandinavian ensemble Trio Mediaeval (with whom he will collaborate later this year on a Machaut and Cyprus project). Current projects include Alternative History and the Conductus Ensemble, and he frequently guests with the Swedish group Serikon.