Jacob Heringman

American-born lutenist Jacob Heringman has made his home in England since 1987, where he is established as a leading soloist, song accompanist, chamber musician, and teacher. Jacob has released several highly acclaimed solo albums of renaissance lute repertoire, including recitals of Holborne, Bakfark, pieces from the Pickeringe and Siena manuscripts, and intabulations of Josquin.

As an accompanist, Jacob has had the good fortune to work regularly with many fine singers, including Emma Kirkby, Barbara Bonney, Michael Chance, John Potter, Clare Wilkinson, Faye Newton and Catherine King. Recent collaborators include Alternative History, Ariel Abramovich, Adel Salameh, and Pellingmans’ Saraband. Jacob also appears on many film soundtracks (including Harry Potter III, The Hobbit, Robin Hood and Wolf Hall), and has in recent years become increasingly active in the area of improvised and crossover music. Jacob teaches (and uses) the Alexander Technique.