David Power

Power’s initial interest was rock music but David Bowie’s ‘Berlin’ albums led him to more experimental music and he turned

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Helen Grime

Helen studied oboe at the Royal College of Music

Judith Weir

Judith Weir‘s interests in narrative, folklore and theatre have found expression in a broad range of musical invention. She is

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Julia Wolfe

Julia draws inspiration from the folk, classical, and rock genres

Lawrence Crane

Laurence is closely associated with the ensemble Apartment House

Luke Stoneham

It’s tempting to try to validate a composer by constructing a genealogy of teachers and influences…

Michael Finnissy

Michael was taught at the Royal College by Bernard Stevens and Humphrey Searle

Michael Gordon

Born in Miami Beach in 1956, Gordon holds a Bachelor of Arts from New York University

Nicola LeFanu

Nicola LeFanu has composed around one hundred works for a variety of mediums. Her music is published by Edition Peters

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Peter Reynolds

Quixotic texts can be found in the music of Cardiff-born Peter Reynolds